Clarizen: Bringing Clarity to Process Automation

Avinoam Nowogrodski, Co-founder & CEO
An identical work lifecycle process follows in every business project that is outsourced—large or small. A kickoff meeting is organized to draw and develop a plan of attack and a final date of completion is decided upon. As talks levitate to action, tasks are assigned and arbitrary deadlines are set. While untold hours are spent updating Gantt charts and spreadsheets to track the progress, reporting to management on milestones and hurdles, and sitting through status meetings, this repetitive process chain results in complete chaos. Bringing order to this chaos is Clarizen.

Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Clarizen harnesses the power of cloud to get the work done—efficiently and effectively. With fast-to deploy and easy-to-use solutions, the company is redefining enterprise collaboration by connecting tasks and projects in a social context to drive productivity and profitability. The firm’s project management solutions merge with social communications to provide real-time updates, insights, and collaboration around the work of all team members, vendors, and customers involved in a project. Avinoam Nowogrodski, Clarizen’s CEO and Co-founder explains that Clarizen differentiates itself from its peers by connecting islands of information within a business or between vendors and partners.

Needless to say, there is a clear rationale why prestigious firms such as CISCO, Blue Fountain Media, and NetApp engage with Clarizen. This reflects on Nowogrodski’s vision for Clarizen when he co-founded the company: “change the way companies run their business.”

During a recent project with Box, an enterprise software platform for content collaboration, Clarizen delivered a seamless solution, enabling Box to bring added customer value, and support consulting for its sales teams. To effectively manage the company’s strong and continuous growth, Box’s VP of Consulting, Tim Smith recognized that his team needed tools and processes to help build and quickly scale a brand new professional services organization. Since implementing Clarizen, Box has reaped significant benefits, and the consulting organization is more efficient, agile, and better positioned today.

The suite not only manages work in today’s borderless business environment, but also unifies social collaboration and knowledge workers’ tasks`

Traditional project management applications haven’t kept pace with companies that are staffed with people who are scattered throughout the world yet demand context around their work. Addressing this is Clarizen’s new collaborative technology. This suite not only manages work in today’s borderless business environment, but also unifies social collaboration and knowledge workers’ tasks—to achieve enterprise efficiency and visibility into marketing initiatives, customer implementations, information technology (IT) projects, and product definition and development.

The firm also devotes significant resources to keeping their client’s information secure and private. Clarizen’s server farms are hosted in state-of-the-art SOC 2 Type II-certified facilities in North America and Europe, and utilize HOT/HOT redundant datacenters on each continent, and all data is replicated to disaster recovery and backup sites. Clarizen ensures that information is kept secure and private by preventing unauthorized users to access the data. The organization’s security mechanisms restrict access to project data to all users except those who are registered to the organization.

To further enhance their collaborative work management software, the firm recently announced new and unique features that will increase team efficiency, boost collaboration, and accelerate time to value in the newest version of its cloud-based platform. Going forward, Nowogrodski feels that the era of user empowerment and cloud adoption in enterprises is favorable for the growth of the company. Nowogrodski informs: “Clarizen’s vision is to become the standard for companies to manage work collaboration across the organization in a way that would change the ability of people to take decisions.”


San Mateo, CA

Avinoam Nowogrodski, Co-founder & CEO

Provides solutions to help enterprises manage projects collaboratively and automate workflow so they can move faster