Deltek: An Intelligent Approach to Optimize Services

Michael Corkery, President & CEO
From proposal to project delivery, it’s no surprise that services organizations today rely more and more on various technologies, and Deltek, under the leadership of Michael Corkery, the CEO, changes the game of Professional Service Automation (PSA) in technological services. Deltek’s enterprise software and information solutions are designed to meet the needs of professional services firms and project-based businesses in a cost-effective, efficient, and profitable way possible.

According to Corkery, in the services supply chain of a Professional Services Organization (PSO), people and time are the most important resources where delivering on a project or engagement— with agreed-upon scope, schedule, fee, and other deliverables—is paramount. Deltek PSA is a people-centric, cloud-based solution specifically designed for organizations to manage all aspects of business—opportunities, engagements, clients, documents, financials and people—and take the complexity out of key workflow processes. It keeps the organization focused on what matters the most while improving productivity, efficiency, and profitability. “The thing people are looking for is visibility,” says Corkery. Collaborating business development, resource management, and engagement management, Deltek’s PSA software empowers PSOs with industry-specific functionality to improve visibility and business insight at all stages of the engagement lifecycle.

Deltek goes beyond simply providing exceptional PSA solutions where one can leave project management to Deltek and focus on delivering successful engagements. Powered by cloud, Deltek PSA is designed to be up and running quickly without the cost of expensive configuration services. It integrates CRM, financial management, resource and engagement management, and HR systems to make better informed decisions. With consolidated data and one source of information, Deltek PSA saves time by reducing duplicate data entry and manual processes.

Through the years, automation of PSOs has steadily progressed. Yet, some fail to capitalize optimally on opportunities due to the lack of integration and a coherent interface to shared knowledge, causing redundant data entry of information and inaccurate data. Deltek envisions an enterprise-wide system that ties together all business functions.

Deltek’s PSA software empowers PSOs with industry-specific functionality to improve visibility and business insight at all stages of the engagement lifecycle

Most PSA related functionalities and other tasks rely on having a complete and correct view of all business activities within an organization, To that end, Deltek’s comprehensive solution ensures it has a touchpoint on every aspect of a firm’s operations.

Deltek brings its expertise in the PSA arena by offering solutions that are tailored to the client’s industry and aligns better with the ongoing business processes, making user adoption easier and faster. The company deploys the right talent on the right engagements to drive revenue, avoid burnout, increase employee satisfaction, and create a culture where employees want to build their careers.

Additionally, Deltek PSA allows integration to Salesforce enabling users to pull pertinent opportunity, account, and contact information into Deltek. That information can be used further to create opportunity estimates, proposals, marketing campaigns, and engagements. Deltek also provides a wide range of options for bringing in past data from other systems such as contacts, clients, projects, and accounting information.

Today, many forward-thinking leaders in the professional services industry are in a race to make a significant investment in their automation initiatives to offer a knowledge-enhancing approach to manage information. Deltek makes a firm commitment to this common goal of integrating business and knowledge management with its comprehensive, universal, transparent, and highly collaborative PSA platform. “Deltek has been able to invest in our solutions portfolio and expand the scope of markets in which we compete,” ends Corkery.


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Michael Corkery, President & CEO

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