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Jack McDonald, Chairman & CEO A mountain of manual paper-based trail bothers even the most digitally competent enterprises, when it comes to managing their complex business workflows. Although recognized as a leader in providing legal administrative services for class action, mass tort, and bankruptcy cases, Garden City Group Inc. (GCG) was struggling to manage and eliminate the tedious day-to-day manual entry work required to compile and merge data for billing and expense reporting. This had grown into a time-consuming, labor-intensive task, resulting in revenue leakage due to billing delays and slow manual billing processes. The firm was looking for a competent Professional Service Automation (PSA) Solution Provider which would eliminate manual entry and the re-entering of data into multiple systems, and enable administrators to extract the information they require much more quickly and efficiently, reducing time of payment cycles and increasing cash flow. This is where Upland Software came in. Through their flagship PSA product, Tenrox, Upland provided the GCG staff with the flexibility to adapt to their internal processes and made it easier for them to enforce work policies, comply with regulations, account for all project time, and analyze cost and revenue in real-time.

A Perfect Ten

Upland Software has always lived on its mission statement to create the next generation in enterprise work management. Their PSA offering, Tenrox, meets the challenges of managing globally-dispersed services organizations and project workforces. As a cloud-based software application, Tenrox automates project initiation, resource management, time and expense, and reporting and analytics to improve the management of billable projects from pipeline to its closure. Tenrox also provides configurable cost and billing rules, including chargeback or invoicing, with certified integrations to all major CRM and accounting systems. Its integrated project management, workforce management, and financial capabilities allow organizations to manage and view both process and financial impact in real-time. The PSA software application empowers the enterprise workforce by providing them with the tools and solutions they need to access and share information faster.

Furthermore, Upland enables an organization’s project and service-based knowledge workers to manage employee-related expenses and client billing while scheduling, utilizing and aligning human capital. Their customers leverage these capabilities to create resource capacity plans; align available skills and capacity with project requirements; plan and schedule projects; track resource and expense allocation for specific projects, activity types or budget categories; and analyze workforce performance.

Mulberry Consultants, a global consultancy specializing in customer experience, was struggling to automate developing project status and reports.

We have taken the next step in evolving the Tenrox application’s usability and performance with major changes to the UX and UI

The firm worked in managing customer relationships all the way from prospects to account termination for different clients—and relied on spreadsheets and manual data entry and processing to track associates’ activity and project status. It was a time-consuming and error-prone process that required two full man-days per week. Tenrox Cloud PSA allowed them to devote their attention to the core business activities by relying on Tenrox’s technical support and expertise. Also, the automation quotient of the software streamlined the process of associate project invoicing. Instead of the staff submitting invoices, the system was programmed to start generating monthly statements that are sent to the employees to review and approve.

Added Integrations and Enhancements

The real-time flow of data between existing systems is essential to meet an organization’s high-volume demands and simultaneously avoid inaccuracies. Users focus on managing the information that is important to them within the tool they are using without worrying about possible errors in other systems. Understanding the demands, Tenrox also provides Upland’s Integration Manager along with automating project initiation, resource management, time and expense, and reporting and analytics. Powered by Dell Boomi, it allows exchanging data to and from multiple systems. Organizations can easily configure the integration points to match their business needs. All process logic and data mappings are contained within the Upland Integration Manager and can be altered at any time through an intuitive user interface.

Users can focus on managing the projects and data they are working on while relying on the integrations working behind the scenes. Integration Manager focuses on managing the business and not the systems. It makes a firm’s business applications communicate with each other so their project team has access to information regardless of their preferred tool.

Furthermore, the firm announced the availability of the latest version of its Tenrox PSA, and time and expense tracking application recently. “In response to our close partnerships with customers, we have taken the next step in evolving the Tenrox application’s usability and performance with major changes to the UX and UI,” states Kevin Sequeira, VP of Product Management, Upland Software, and Director of Product Management, Tenrox. “Additionally, we have taken the Project Management capabilities at Tenrox to the next level with the Upland Project Planning Module. This release also offers users scalable integrations into other systems with our newly-launched Upland Integration Manager which is based on Dell Boomi. These changes will drive faster user adoption and empower organizations to be more productive and make more informed business decisions.”
This new release features major UX and UI enhancements that will make the user experience more efficient with an easy learning curve. Other changes include confirmation messages, session timeout warnings, and improved list pages with excel export functionality. One of the beneficiaries of this new update has been Airbiz Aviation Strategies. The firm was still relying on an older Tenrox system that had not been updated. While focusing on the business demands, Airbiz had not taken advantage of the new updates that could have been implemented—as a result, a time consuming, and multi-step process was required to correct the inaccuracies in their data. The new upgrade from Tenrox solved this predicament and provided Airbiz with a number of critical operational benefits such as accessibility of satellite offices to the system, automatic update of the currency exchange rates, and exporting customized data.

From 3 employees to 300—What’s next?

Upland Software has grown from three employees to 300 between 2011 and late 2015, a period that also saw the company’s $46 million IPO and the acquisition of 10 other companies—so what’s next for the Austin-based firm?

Upland recently announced the acquisition of Omtool, an award-winning enterprise document capture, fax, and workflow solution provider. “We are pleased to welcome Omtool and their valued customers and partners to Upland,” says Upland Software’s Chairman and CEO, Jack McDonald. “This strategic acquisition enhances our workflow automation and document management product family by adding powerful capture, security, and compliance capabilities and strengthens our position in the financial services, legal, and healthcare verticals.”

"Tenrox is used by customers and service-based knowledge workers to manage their project, and employee-related expenses and client billing respectively"

The firm has also entered into a partnership with Intacct, a provider of best-in-class cloud ERP software, to integrate its Tenrox PSA. The partnership between Upland and Intacct will give Intacct customers the ability to leverage an integrated PSA application that streamlines service delivery, resource management, tracking and billing. “The integration of Tenrox with Intacct is a winning combination for joint customers,” said Sequeira. Tenrox PSA-Intacct Integration—the cloud-based connection, provides users optimal flexibility to handle financial information through seamless communication between the two applications.

Furthermore, the firm has also formed an alliance with RMGS, an international technology consulting provider based in Egypt. RMGS will sell and implement Upland’s PSA Tenrox, to Middle East service organizations seeking to deliver the best possible experience to their clients while maximizing profitability. Sequeira informs, “Our partnership with RMGS extends Upland’s global footprint while ensuring companies in the Middle East have the local support and service they need to succeed.”

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Jack McDonald, Chairman & CEO

Tenrox is a cloud-based professional services automation software application that automates project initiation, resource management, time and expense, and reporting and analytics