Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Solutions
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Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Solutions

Greg Higham, CIO, Marketo
Greg Higham, CIO, Marketo

Greg Higham, CIO, Marketo

The industry is witnessing many trends yet Consumerization in IT or BYOD is the latest technology. In regard to this, Consumerization in IT or BYOD is shaping the way IT is purchased, managed, delivered, and secured. Moreover, most technologies are Nobel in nature; therefore, when it comes to data security you know how to access the data from device and hardware. 

"The biggest challenge as a CIO is how we partner with our business teams to be a strategic differentiator"

Presently, Marketo is a leading digital marketing software and solutions provider and digital social noble technology. Moreover, we provide hundred percent assurances to marketers and prove ourselves as technology based solutions in this digital world. In addition to this, we do software marketing to understand the target audience so that we could engage and measure the impact of marketing efforts on our consumers. 

Driving Innovation

Analytics is the most basic one, and there is plenty of data, so, it is very difficult to make it better and make it meaningful. With respect to this, At Marketo, the user interface allows all marketers, not just those with technical skills, to create powerful automated campaigns without any assistance from “power users” or IT. Furthermore, we deliver the business reduction in application logins the stay of leave database and taking part to take further action. Therefore, it's better having an analytics proactive response from the business 


The biggest challenge as a CIO is how we partner with our business teams to be a strategic differentiator. Secondly, what IT can do as a partner and help in growing the company more effectively is also important. In addition, IT can help a company to do better and make profits. In addition to this, it is important to be good with business partners focus on people. Furthermore, we need to focus on the business process in order to drive efficiency and effectiveness in technology. It is also critical to hire IT leaders to empower them with vision and the tools they need to do their job. Therefore, if you hire the right people with the right mind you can brilliantly drive innovation.

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