Autotask Corporation: Service Delivery Workflow Simplified

Mark Cattini, President & CEO
In the cosmopolitan IT world, for an enterprise to provide managed services is like holding “a hot ticket” to digital transformation and this is precisely what Autotask Corporation clinches in the competitive arena. Autotask’s CEO, Mark Cattini states, “We are in a massive state of change and it is all about software. It is redefining business, process, and the relationship with customers. It is the biggest macro trend in IT right now.”

At a recent Autotask partner event that was held in Amsterdam, Cattini addressed a hall, brim-full of audience on how to help customers succeed as a managed service provider and get continuous value and Return on Investment (ROI) from their investment in Autotask. The partner community describes Autotask as a mission-critical company that holds a strong path in not just marketing but also with professional services, account management, and consulting. “Our business is growing strongly. We are seeing really big IT reselling organizations which have been very hardware-specific making dramatic moves into managed services,” explains Cattini.

Autotask is committed to staying abreast of the market trends by helping companies automate their professional services with increased connectedness, transparency, and performance. Cattini says that the onus of Autotask is to help IT organizations work smart with a complete, cloud-based IT business management platform that enables accountability, efficiency, and access to the metrics driving intelligent business decisions.

It is important for organizations in the managed services industry to have a keen focus on their project, right from its objective, challenge, and need to meet customer’s satisfaction and enhanced bottom line results. Recognizing this need, Autotask offers an end-to-end software suite for IT Service Providers (ITSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that gives instant access to automate the workflow of the entire project. Additionally, the firm’s unified IT business management feature combines Professional Service Automation (PSA) and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) capabilities to deliver improved service delivery in real-time. This PSA service desk optimization enables organizations to successfully achieve their targets with better visibility around event-tracking by bringing everyone in the organization together through integrated email and assigning the right tasks to the right people.

PSA service desk optimization automates the workflow of the entire project to successfully attain their targets with better visibility around event tracking

The PSA solution also automatically applies time and expenses into the accounting system of the contract to prevent billing disputes with invoice details.

With exciting ventures on its plate, Autotask’s recently launched ‘Endpoint Backup’ is yet another vibrant solution that controls the speed, power, and analytics of the Autotask application with a complete unified file back up. “The platform handles efficient ticketing, offers real-time asset synchronization, and offers insight from RMM analytics dashboards and integrated reporting,” says Cattini. As RMM is policy-driven, organizations can customize preferences according to their client’s specific need, such as software updates, break-fix protocols, and other daily tasks, that saves time and ensures consistent performance.

In an instance, Autotask assisted Champion Solutions Group, an IT solutions provider and professional services organization, as they had problems in accessing their enterprise data by maintaining spreadsheets manually. With Autotask in the picture, the client can now view the data at a glance on a dashboard, analyze and manipulate it, enabling intelligent business decisions and market predictions.

In the coming years, the company will remain focused on quantifying the value they bring to their clients and it is this versatility that is the drive behind Autotask’s victory. Cattini says that they are planning to take their expertise in other geographies that may come from both organic R&D as well as mergers or acquisitions of their own.

Autotask Corporation

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Mark Cattini, President & CEO

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