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Grant Stanley, CEO
Success requires time management. You need to maximize employee utilization—while walking the line between boredom and burnout.

Your people need enough time to complete projects. You don’t want them rushing to meet deadlines as mistakes can ruin your reputation. You also can’t afford for them to sit idle—losing money. Worse, boredom leads to turnover. Professionals aren’t happy to sit around waiting for their next project.

Get Bric is designed to help you maximize your employee utilization. Leveraging machine learning and analytics to help management understand every aspect of time utilization. Bric helps teams—large and small— maximize their time and talents.

Led by CEO Grant Stanley, Bric was founded with a passion for data analytics and professional services. Prior to joining Bric, Stanley spent eight years as the CEO of CAN, a company that provides predictive analytics to Fortune 500 companies.

His work at CAN has inspired his vision for Bric. Stanley states, “While there were several tools designed to digitize analog processes—like client communications and deadlines— traditional solutions provided little to no information about my team’s time utilization.” Stanley joined Bric to solve this problem.

Professional service companies have a unique challenge. They sell time. Stanley, “Each hour your inventory— of hours and skills—is being depleted, making it difficult to accurately gauge if there is enough work and if it’s being assigned to the right employee. Managers have to find the balance between ‘too much’ and ‘too little work’ among team members. Bric does this with data analytics and automation.”

Bric helps your sales team and Partners know what to sell. Everyone gets up-to-date capacity reports telling them who is available for new projects. These reports allow for the most efficient process of managing your most important commodity—time.

Get back to the work you love!

How you manage your team’s capacity for future work can be the difference between breaking even and making a profit.

In addition to up-to-date capacity reports, Bric helps automate project planning. Using machine learning, Bric automatically analyzes past timesheets and then recommends more accurate project plans—saving you time and headaches.

Bric is growing fast. It is used by businesses in 62 countries and 233 cities. One of Bric’s success stories is a large engineering company. They came to Bric to find a better solution for utilization reporting—a task that was eating up time and only providing a historical perspective.

Now, Bric provides them with forward-looking reports and actionable recommendations. The company has saved time and money with Bric’s solution plus the team loves having updates at a click.

Bric’s company culture is defined by its product. “We love analytics, live without borders, and find collaboration second nature.” It is obvious that the team loves learning and creativity. They aren’t afraid of creative conflict or iterating to refine an idea.

Bric has proven their dedication to continual improvement. The product team is constantly finding new ways to make Bric better. They try to release new code each week. True to their mission, most improvements focus on making it easier to collect or analyze data.

Choose Bric if you want people analytics and better time management. Stanley is clear, “Bric is a people analytics company. We don’t want to be just a digital replacement for paperwork.” You won’t find a better solution for planning and tracking time.


Omaha, NE

Grant Stanley, CEO

Analytics-driven approach to streamline and optimize time management