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David James, EVP, Ram Subramanian, COO
A strategically concocted mix of “business consultants and technology experts led by a highly respected and visionary leadership team” always makes the case for business success. It is this formula underpinned by a passion for partnering with progressive organizations that makes Innive Inc. stand out in the competitive managed services provider arena. A highly-regarded Oracle Platinum partner, “this high level of partnership reflects Innive’s talented team and the proven track record of many successful solution implementations,” says David James, who dons the role of EVP at Innive.

Using a highly collaborative approach, Innive’s services include consulting, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Budget planning and Financial Forecasting, and business process services. Committed to leveraging analytics to transform the way businesses work and improve their performance, Innive delivers end-to-end IT-enabled business services that help private and public organizations meet the complex challenges of the data-driven world. “We have a very holistic view of analytics,” explains Gautham Sampath, Executive Director. “Our focus is all encompassing and includes many aspects of analytics, including business intelligence, big data, fast data, spatial and location-based analytics, video analytics, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.”

Armed with the knowledge of developing and implementing enterprise solutions, the company is adept at accelerating the delivery of innovative and sophisticated solutions that realize an early return on investment. “Innive implements highly effective solutions in just a few months, which traditionally takes ten to twelve months,” says Ram Subramanian, COO. It is the global team structure that takes advantage of a “follow the sun” business model that ensures rapid delivery of solutions for clients. The company also believes in rotating consultants regularly through various roles to eliminate single points of failure, if any.

Innive has invested in the development of a series of comprehensive pre-built analytics solutions for specific organizations, including K12 schools, airports, and municipal governments.

Innive transforms data into wisdom

For instance, they were hired by a school district that wanted to understand student performance better as they moved from middle school to high school. The goal was to predict which students were likely to fail so they could take proactive measures that would improve the graduation rates for their students. Innive’s K12 Analytics solution—K12 360—allowed the school district to monitor key metrics and KPIs. As Subramanian explains, “Based on Oracle’s cloud-based Business Intelligence Platform, our K12 BI solution comes with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards and includes both academic and fiscal analytics. This pre-packaged yet fully extensible and customizable solution shortens the implementation time significantly.” The Innive solution allowed the educators to analyze overall student performance through intuitive dashboard visualizations with access to real-time operational reporting as well as historical analytics to provide multi-dimensional insights related to academic and administrative performance.

A clear understanding of the fact that almost all their clients live in a multi-vendor technology world, Innive takes stock of their precise requirement and assists them in achieving their business goals and maximizing investments. To that end, “we attract and retain talented employees by completing a careful assessment of all applicants to ensure that they not only have the required technical skills, but will also complement our diverse organization, culture, and work ethics,” states James. The company provides ongoing training opportunities to ensure that all consultants stay apprised of current technological advances. Across the board, innovation and creativity are encouraged in order to develop new capabilities that allow clients to make data-driven business decisions. Sampath shares, “These guiding principles result in a positive team culture, based on a “can-do” attitude that is always appreciated by our clients.”

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David James, EVP, Ram Subramanian, COO and Gautham Sampath, Executive Director,

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