Webroot: Revolutionizing Cloud-Driven Cybersecurity

Charlie Tomeo, VP
While traditional signature-based endpoint security cannot meet today’s demand for professional services automation (PSA) and remote monitoring and management (RMM), next-generation cybersecurity solutions are slowly opening up the doors to an all-in-one solution. However, large enterprises are slow to adapt to new technology due to existing vendor investments and have long sales cycles, which prevent them from taking the next step. On the other hand, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are open to new technology and have far shorter sales cycles but are under-served by existing endpoint vendors and have limited IT resources to provide better protection. Creating the best of both worlds, Webroot brings several decades of industry experience to the table and takes a “smarter” approach to cybersecurity on a global scale.

“We harness the power of cloud-based collective threat intelligence derived from millions of real-world devices to stop threats in real time and help secure the connected world,” asserts Charlie Tomeo, VP, Webroot. “Our aim was to create a straightforward endpoint security solution that is easily implemented and can deliver highly automated and efficient malware protection across multiple attack vectors.”

This innovative approach yielded Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection, a highly powerful security solution which utilizes cloud-based Big Data and Machine Learning to detect and mitigate any and all effects of unknown malware in real-time for both the SMB and enterprise market. The company boasts a global clientele spanning across the markets of APAC, EMEA, and North America, which accounts for eighty-five percent of the global security spending.

When getting the product to market, the team took an interesting route by partnering with Managed Service Providers (MSPs), currently supporting over 9,000 of them. In fact, Webroot owns a 30 percent market share with the world’s top MSPs, whereas the next closest antivirus player within the MSP market only commands 15 percent. “We are laser-focused on being a service provider to our MSP partners and deliver the best possible solutions to protect our customers from today’s threats like ransomware and network infections,” states Tomeo.

We harness the power of cloud-based collective threat intelligence derived from millions of real-world devices to stop threats in real time

In terms of interoperability, SecureAnywhere® supports leading PSA and RMM platforms that cover all verticals, such as Atera, ConnectWise, and Continuum. This makes it agnostic toward a variety of endpoints, networks, user bases, and other metrics that define the customers’ security requirements. Further down the line, Webroot’s unique cloud-based Threat Intelligence Platform, which includes their BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services, acts as a completely integrated system that is correlated, contextualized, and outputs actionable security intelligence in real-time, processing over half a trillion new objects on a daily basis. What is interesting is that the real-time threat detection happens entirely in the cloud so it does not affect performance. Such processing capabilities manifest themselves in many ways within the customers’ endpoint, mobile, and DNS protection solutions― only further solidifying Webroot’s value proposition.

As far as the future goes, Tomeo points out the inevitable reality of any security company—“they cannot stand still.” Just recently, the company has introduced a new DNS Protection service aimed at stopping web-spread malware at the Domain level away from customers’ networks. Being so heavily invested in always creating better ways to protect consumers and their devices, Webroot’s VP reveals that they are working on a more holistic solution to help clients identify threats very early in their lifecycle and maintain the highest level of protection the cybersecurity market has to offer.


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Charlie Tomeo, VP

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