ConnectWise: Accelerating Operational Efficiency with Automation

Arnie Bellini, CEO Starting as a simple task management tool, listing the tasks assigned to each professional, professional services automation (PSA) has evolved exponentially over the course of time. Then came the time when PSA solutions focused on the innate details of project management and its financials. Fast forward to today, the game-changing PSA has taken a new turn and evolved into a business management platform (BMP) to respond to explosive industry growth, where businesses require tools to track time, expenses, profitability and revenue recognition. Precisely understanding the requirements of businesses with decades of working with clients has positioned ConnectWise to anticipate the change. As a leader in business management space, ConnetWise enables companies to create efficiencies in all areas of business, by delivering the required tools with a complete view of the entire business from one solution. Being used by more than 22,000 businesses in over 70 countries, the company’s powerful business automation suite offers unique tools, specially designed to enhance operational efficiency and grow clients' business.

The Right Combo for Business Automation

The company’s business automation platform is a unique blend of integrated solutions, best practices, and a community dedicated to clients’ success. Committed to building business resiliency, ConnectWise provides easy to use solutions with intuitive user experience helping clients to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology landscape. As part of its business automation software suite, ConnectWise offers a wide array of solutions catering to various business requirements such as business management, monitoring, billing, and reporting. The company’s BMP solution, ConnectWise Manage enables clients to manage business processes efficiently while keeping track of every step to maximize visibility. Through the solution, clients can make strategic and data-driven decisions for their business and establish workflows to deliver better customer service. With ConnectWise Manage’s informative dashboards, clients can get a centralized view of every aspect of their business with powerful reporting tools. They can stay on top of their finances through automated billing and take advantage of delivering invoices on time while eliminating manual, error-prone entries. In addition, they enjoy a seamless transition to various projects and tasks allowing every department to work cohesively using a single application.

As a robust remote monitoring application, ConnectWise Automate gives the power of automation to business users. The solution allows clients to actively monitor all active devices and users to eliminate blind spots in their environments. They can enhance their service levels with ConnectWise Automate’s user interface that offers an integrated search tool.

One reason for the longevity of ConnectWise in a constantly and rapidly changing IT ecosystem is our commitment to breathe and value innovation

The solution enables IT staff to manage more endpoints while increasing productivity. Since the solution helps automate IT support tasks, it can free up clients’ valuable time from mundane tasks to high priority jobs. Similarly, the company helps them to automate professional quotes and proposals through its ConnectWise Sell that saves time with its cloud-based quoting. With the ability to boost quoting volumes, the solution import bill of material docs, receive client approvals via e-signature and update CRM automatically. ConnectWise Sell natively integrates with top CRMs such as NetSuite and Salesforce allowing clients to streamline procurement and service delivery. With ConnectWise Sell’s intuitive quotes and proposals, clients are sure to create positive customer experiences increasing the chance to get the proposal.

Importantly, ConnectWise lets companies to remotely control their devices on the go through its ConnectWise Control. Using the solution, clients can solve tech issues in no time from anywhere around the world. Additionally, the flexible plans that the solution offers allows them to choose from an array of features to grow their business. What’s more, ConnectWise Control provides AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication assuring clients of complete security for their remote access.

Recently added to the company’s arsenal of business solutions, ConnectWise Unite simplifies billing and management in the cloud. By automating the billing process, the company’s solution saves clients a lot of time in manually counting users and delivering invoices. The solution allows them to manage various applications such as AWS, MS Office 365 and Azure under a single umbrella taking out the hassle of managing each application individually. “Technology teams typically take advantage of a broad range of cloud solutions to meet their customers’ unique needs. What we’ve done with ConnectWise Unite is give our partners the ability to access these disparate solutions from a single pane of glass and greatly simplify the complexity that comes from dealing with the growing number of solutions they use,” explains Arnie Bellini, CEO of ConnectWise. The proactive monitoring feature in ConnectWise Unite notifies users of any disruption allowing them to react and remediate the issue instantaneously.

Business Management and Beyond

Alongside an exceptional solution portfolio, the company brings the knowledge of various industry leaders and experts to the clients through its three major industry events— IT Nation, Automation Nation, and Quotation Nation.
These events bring together more than 4,000 attendees each year to learn from each other and attend 100 interactive sessions led by world-class experts. “Our partners and solution providers around the globe have enthusiastically set the industry standard when it comes to creating a community – the IT Nation of technology lovers and innovators —where a generous spirit of sharing and support allows them to learn from each other and grow professionally and personally.”

A testimony to ConnectWise’s stellar capabilities in business management is Clark Integrated Technologies (CIT), a leading provider of managed information and communications technology solutions. The client was spending a lot of time dealing with the administration of the tickets, billing, and opportunities that were obstructing their growth. “I always described it like a glass ceiling we just couldn’t find a way to bust through because we were spending too much time on the admin,” says Austen Clark, Managing Director of CIT. With ConnectWise Manage, CIT was able to break through that glass ceiling by identifying silos and increase process efficiency while promoting manageable growth. Happy with the results, CIT then turned to ConnectWise for an integrated quoting tool and used the ConnectWise Sell to move their sales process forward. “The Sell/Manage partnership has allowed us to streamline and make processes in our business work all the way through. My sales guys know they can raise an opportunity, and it goes straight into Manage,” adds Clark. Additionally, CIT leaders have also benefitted from ConnectWise’s annual IT Nation conference, soaking up knowledge from experts at the industry’s forefront, developing professional relationships, and drawing inspiration from a community of peers.

"We're doubling down on our commitment to ensuring technology teams across the globe have access to our award-winning solutions, stellar support team, and an amazing community"

As the chief visionary behind the growth and development of ConnectWise's products and community, Bellini drives the company with its never-ending zeal to expand the ecosystems of clients through their suite of solutions. Being raised alongside the growing IT industry with his father working for IBM, Bellini saw incredible opportunities for business innovation and founded ConnectWise three decades ago. “One reason for the longevity of ConnectWise in a constantly and rapidly changing IT ecosystem is our commitment to breathe and value innovation,” says Bellini.

With Bellini’s relentless pursuit of creating the best software for business management, ConnectWise is marching ahead with the aim to add more innovative products to its portfolio. While expanding its footprint across the globe, the company will continue to help clients manage the business more effectively and automate service delivery. “The reception we’ve received outside the United States has been phenomenal, and we’re doubling down on our commitment to ensuring technology teams across the globe have access to our award-winning solutions, stellar support team, and an amazing community," concludes Bellini.


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Arnie Bellini, CEO

An Ecosystem-centric company dedicated to helping technology teams thrive. ConnectWise connects the tech teams to solutions and services that drive exceptional user experiences. The firm enables efficiency with a single-pane-of-glass approach to running a business. The company’s platform is comprised of solutions designed to help their clients to do more with less, allowing them access to a comprehensive selection of options that extend, connect, and personalize your business. As the professional service automation provider the platform of ConnectWise connects its clients to an ecosystem of best-in-breed solutions that help them deliver exceptional service and productivity. A passionate, committed leadership team supports the company’s corporate vision and helps them continuously drive partner success