TeamKnit: The Formula to Drive Employee Productivity

Nick Panhwar, Co-Founder & CEO and Ayisha Fareed, Co-Founder & CTO
For almost two decades, Nick Panhwar and Ayisha Fareed were part of the management teams at some of the leading organizations in the U.S, UK, Canada & Middle East. While Nick is the brain behind a number of innovative enterprises, Ayisha’s expertise as the Head of IT at one of the world's largest retail chains empowered her to develop more than 50 enterprise-grade technology tools for about 2,000 teams. During this course of time, the tech partners faced several gaps in various tools used in organizations. They realized that working with multiple tools ended up in confusing employees and killed productivity. “The numerous software tools and their vivid interfacesmake it difficult for employees to utilize them effectively, which was the key reason for declining productivity and increase work stress. Bridging this gap, we laid the cornerstone of TeamKnit with the idea of a powerful and integrated tool that bolts multiple platforms and gives employees a boost in the productivity rather than struggles,” says Ayisha, co-founder and CTO at TeamKnit. Having confronted the persistent productivity challenges, TeamKnithas evolved into one of the leading players in developing innovative and complete enterprise team management suite specifically designed to grow human capital and enhance organizational bottom line. “Productivity is when organizations get done more in a very little time. We found that what they seek is communication, execution, engagement, and knowledge. That’s precisely what we offer at TeamKnit,”says Panhwar, co-founder and CEO, TeamKnit.

TeamKnit is a single source of integrated productivity tools that provide accountability, transparency, and team cohesiveness, which leads to simplified processes in the workplace, satisfied employees, and increased output. As the names suggests, TeamKnit, ‘knits’ teams together wherein everything is designed to work together to allow faster and simpler completion of tasks and projects with enhanced communication. “Our core focus is on organizing employee communication effectively to avoid unwanted messages and emails that waste time. This results in better employee engagement, in turn a whopping 50 to 60 percent more productivity,” adds Panhwar. TeamKnit is a game changer for improved workplace productivity and employee engagement across the globe. The simple and integrated collaboration platform enables employees to be more responsive by finding the right information at the right time, which also allows meeting growth challenges.

We laid the cornerstone of TeamKnit with the idea of a powerful team management suite that gives employees a boost in the productivity rather than struggles

The company stands a mile ahead with TeamKnit’s unique capability of combining and consolidating the best features from some of the leading productivity tools into one powerful yet easy-to-use solution. It helps teams to eliminate language barriers and collaborate through instant messaging, smart task, and project manager. TeamKnit’s modules are designed for direct and instant communication; just like text messaging. TeamKnit is B2B SaaS model or can be placed on a client’s own server. For enterprises seeking customizations in the solution, TeamKnit’s team is always ready to cater to their special requirements.

TeamKnit’s highly passionate and experienced team includes designers, developers, business analysts, and project managers, who are committed to extending their recipe for productivity to their clients. Another interesting facet about the company is their social platform which helps teams to get to know each other and share information via a knowledge management system. “Employees’ information should be available where they are, and that’s why we developed a ‘Wikipedia type’ data repository. In addition, we also provide a calendar which enables teams to be more organized,” adds Panhwar.

With TeamKnit’s solutions, productive employees complete their job faster and better, bringing improved results. “We help organizations in retaining employees. Employee engagement is a critical aspect of every businesses growth,” explains Ayisha. Over the years, the company has been a valued business partner delivering service automation solutions to some of the leading organizations across the globe. “We have a simple vision— to amplify our customer’s human capital and multiply their bottom line,” concludes Ayisha.


Irvine, CA

Nick Panhwar, Co-Founder & CEO and Ayisha Fareed, Co-Founder & CTO

The company is a source for its clients integrated productivity tools that provide accountability, transparency, and team cohesiveness. TeamKnit amplifies the human capital and multiplies the bottom line resulting in exponential growth both to the workforce, without adding the headcount, and the bottom line.TeamKnit is a professional service automation provider whose crew embodies diverse global experience in technology, finance, operations, sales, and marketing. The firm is attracting many who struggle with too many collaboration tools and paying 40 to 60% more. TeamKnit also helps companies to drives employee productivity and employee engagement which leads to an increase in team productivity